Costs For Adults

Our starting-from prices are listed below, please contact us with any questions or to make an appointment

Consultation visit with Treatment Co-ordinator Free
Consultation appointment with specialist orthodontist £110*
Consultation for a parent/guardian of a child at Whitetree Orthodontic Centre £90*
*Refunded if treatment taken up within 4 weeks of consultation (treatment £1700 and over)
Braces Upper and Lower, Aesthetic £3800**
Braces Upper and Lower, Mixed £3450**
Braces Upper and Lower, Stainless Steel £3100**
Braces Upper and Lower, Invisalign from £3300**
Braces Upper and Lower, Fully Customised Lingual £7100**
Braces Upper and Lower 2D Lingual £5100**
Braces Single Arch, Aesthetic £2500**
Braces Single Arch, Stainless Steel £2200
Braces Single Arch, Invisalign from £2800**
Braces Single Arch, 3D Lingual £4500**
Braces Single Arch, 2D Lingual £2850**
Sectional or 4+ Aligners – Aesthetic £1600
Accessories – Quadhelix £315
Accessories – Trans-palatal arch £240
Removable Appliance with a fixed appliance in situ £290
A removable appliance in isolation £600
Fixed Retainer Maintenance £40 per tooth
New fixed retainer upper or lower (casual patient ) £210
New fixed retainer upper or lower (previous patient) £160
See prices below if retainer required as this will be an additional cost
Replacement retainer
1 Arch
2 Arches
Invizident per aligner £165
Extractions, Premolars/Incisors £75 per tooth
Extractions, Molars £100 per tooth
Oral surgery per half hour £125
Adult aged 18-21 Clear one arch (discount of £300 for metal brackets) £2000
Adult aged 18-21 Clear two arches (discount of £500 for metal brackets) £3000
Adult aged 18-21 Aligner (each) £165
Casual Patients (must continue their care with ourselves):
Adjustments (15 minute appointment) £95
Debond £280
Removal of bonded retainer (see fees above for retainers if required) £105
Retainer visits thereafter, each visit £40
Bleaching 4 x tubes (Whitetree Orthodontic Centre patients Only) £240
Additional bleaching tubes thereafter (each) £50
Bleaching Trays if required £110
Hygienist each visit £45
OPG/CEPH radiograph, unreported (under dentist prescription only) £65
**5% reduction if paid in full before commencement
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