Retainers for Kids

After you have completed a course of orthodontic treatment the most important part of your treatment is often the most neglected: retention. If you want your smile to keep and your teeth to stay straight, you need to wear retainers. Generally, these take the form of thin transparent plastic shields, worn every night long term after your ideal straight smile is achieved. For the very best results throughout life, continue to wear your retainers a couple of nights a week in perpetuity. Some patients prefer a fine wire to be glued to the inside of their teeth, reducing the need for removable retainers. Research has shown that teeth can move at any age if no retainer is used, although the time of greatest movement is during the first 2 years after brace treatment is finished.

We keep checking up on your teeth for a year after taking fixed braces out, usually every 3-6 months. We check to make sure your teeth stay in position. If you want more information, check out our video on retainer use, or contact Whitetree Orthodontic Centre for more information and advice.

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