Traditional “Train Track” Fixed Braces for Kids

The most common type of brace for children is often known as a “train track brace”. Metal brackets are cemented to the front of your teeth before a wire is threaded through each bracket (this is why they’re called “train track braces”). We hold the wire in place with a choice of different coloured elastic bands. We also offer ceramic tooth-coloured braces that work in the same way, but blend in with the teeth and show far less.

The fitting appointment is painless and consists first of all of preparing the tooth surface using a special solution, then washing and drying the teeth. Next, we press a bracket on each tooth before setting the glue using a bright blue light. Once the brackets are fitted, the wires and elastics are placed. This usually takes less than half an hour. You will be given advice and instructions on how to look after your braces.

It takes just a few hours after fitting the brace for your teeth to start to move. For the first few days, your teeth will be tender as they get used to the movement. For more advice, take a look at our video, or get in touch with the brace experts at Whitetree Orthodontic Centre.

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